The arches of the Galilee Chapel at Durham Cathedral.

Lindisfarne Priory

A pillar at Lindisfarne Priory, showing the chevron or zigzag design, which is also seen on the pillars of Durham Cathedral. As the priory was built by the Durham-based community of St. Cuthbert after the construction of the cathedral, it is likely that the same masons worked on both buildings, hence explaining the similarities.

A pillar at Lindisfarne Priory, dating from the early 12th century. (For more information about the building see Paradox Place).

Although heavily eroded, the chevron or zigzag design on this pillar is clear. As the Priory was refounded in the early twelfth century by the Durham-based community of St Cuthbert, it is likely it the same masons who built Durham Cathedral also worked here. This would explain the similarity in the details of the two buildings (such as the pillars). (See next image).