Table of Contents

Foreword (or PDF)

Acknowledgments (or PDF)

Introduction (or PDF)

Executive Summary (or PDF)

1. The Management Plan (or PDF)

1.1 Aims of the Current Management Plan

1.2 Achievements Since 2006

2. Significance of the Site (or PDF)

2.1 Original Justification for Inscription

2.2 Durham’s Statement of Outstanding Universal Value

2.3 Attributes of the Site as per the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value

3. Intangible Value of the Site (or PDF)

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Key Intangible Values identified

3.3 Christian Spirituality and Sacredness

3.4 The Christian musical tradition of the World Heritage Site

3.5 Knowledge and Education

3.6 University Traditions

3.7 The Civic Functions of Durham Castle

3.8 Site Collections and their Intangible Value

3.9 Skills and Trades

3.10 Creative, Artistic and Cultural Expression

3.11 Community

3.12 Innovation and Ambition

3.13 Actions

4. Setting and Boundaries (or PDF)

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Outstanding Universal Value

4.3 Threats and Risks

4.4 Buffer Zone and Extending the Site

4.5 Inner Setting

4.6 Outer Setting

4.7 Understanding Durham’s Unique Townscape and Landscape

4.8 Potential Expansion of the World Heritage Site

4.9 Conservation and Management

4.10 Actions

5. Audiences (or PDF)

5.1 The Site and Its Audiences

5.2 Resources Audit and Analysis

5.3 Audience Development

5.4 Strengths and Challenges

5.5 Actions

6. Research Framework (or PDF)

6.1 Research Framework Objectives

6.2 What is a Research Framework?

6.3 Research Framework Structure

6.4 Scope of the Research Framework

6.5 The Development of this Document

6.6 Research Agenda and Key Research Priorities

6.7 Research Strategy and Strategic Priorities

6.8 Research Communities and Partners

6.9 Funding Landscape

7. Conservation of the Fabric (or PDF)

7.1 Conservation Opportunities and Challenges

7.2 Uses and Events

7.3 Ownership and Management

7.4 Access and Traffic Management

7.5 Management of Works to the Fabric and Building Maintenance

7.6 Collections

7.7 Recording Works

7.8 Education and Understanding

7.9 Public Realm/Landscapes

7.10 Conservation Philosophy

7.11 Practical Guidance, Repairs, Maintenance and Alterations

7.12 Understanding and Conserving the WHS and its Setting

8. Action Plan 2016-2021 (or PDF)

Appendix 1 Setting and Boundaries (or PDF)