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This website is a development of an earlier website created by Robin Widdison from Durham University's Department of Law.

The current website was funded by the Durham World Heritage Site Partners (Durham Cathedral, Durham University, Durham County Council, English Heritage, One North East, and Durham City Vision), as well as Durham University's Department of Archaeology.

Website content was written by Seif El Rashidi (Durham World Heritage Site Coordinator) with contributions from Christopher Downs (Durham Cathedral Architect), Lilian Groves (Senior Guide, Durham Cathedral), James Lancelot (Durham Cathedral Organist), Richard Brickstock (Durham Castle Curator), Richard Gameson and James Russell, (History Department, Durham University), Maurice Tucker (Master of University College), Sheila Hingley (Head of Special Collections and Archives, Durham University Library), Richard Higgins and Michael Stansfeld (Special Collections and Archives, Durham University Library), Jonathan Clinch (Music Department, Durham University), Dennis Jones (Durham Heritage Centre and Museum), Martin Roberts (formerly of English Heritage and Durham City Council), Thomas Brumby, Richard Hilton, Clemence Pornon, and Ann Squires.

Key references include Durham 1000 years of History by Martin Roberts, and Durham City by Keith Proud, Paradox Place website, and the website of Bede's World.


Jeffrey Veitch from Durham University's Department of Archaeology took many of the photographs specifically for this website.

Photographs also come from the image collections of Durham Cathedral and Durham University; Durham University Library's Archives and Special Collections; the personal photographs of the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, Dean of Durham; the collection of Adrian Fletcher of Paradox Place; and the collection of UNESCO.

Additional photographs were provided by Adrian Beney, Nathan Cagney, Lucas Frost, Karim Marei, Jake Mountain, Seif El Rashidi, Francesco Siravo, Maurice Tucker, the Landmark Trust, and Trinity College, Oxford.