News: Benedictine Day on March 12

Durham Cathedral will host a Benedictine Day on 12th March 2011,


What it is

This is an introductory opportunity to explore the Benedictine tradition as a living tradition for people living non-monastic lives today. Durham Cathedral is an idea place to study the Benedictine way because it has a very full set of monastic buildings and maintains the discipline of prayer that has evolved from Benedict’s Rule.

What it includes

The Day includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the monastic buildings which sets the scene for an introduction to the Rule. In the afternoon we explore lectio divina, the Benedictine approach to praying with scripture, before concluding with discussion how we can interpret this Benedictine way to help us in our discipleship today.

These Benedictine Days have proved very popular with people who want to find out about this part of our heritage both as a relevant resource for our own Christian lives today and as part of the history of the Cathedral. They are ideal for people preparing for baptism or confirmation as no previous knowledge of the Benedictine tradition is needed. Suggestions for further reading will be provided on the day.


The Benedictine Day begins with Morning Prayer in the Cathedral at 8.45 and concludes with Evensong at 5.15. During the day we met in the Prior’s Hall. Coffee and tea are provided but bring your own lunch or eat in the Cathedral restaurant. We invite a donation of £10 on the day. It is not necessary to book but it would help us to know how many to expect so that we have enough coffee and handouts.

Getting in touch

If you know you would like to come, please send an e-mail to or leave a message with the Reception Desk on 0191 386 4266.

We will not send any information before the day, just come to church where the Vergers will be ready to welcome you and show you where to go.


Added Thursday 27th January 2011