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The World Heritage Site is a hive of activity, with many concerts, plays, talks and other events. What will you find of interest?

The events shown are taking place on or around Durham World Heritage Site. If you are organising an event, please tell us about it.

Events on Friday 4th September 2020

Events Diary

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    On Pilgrimage: The Trident Festival of Jayavageshwori at Pashupatinath

    Tue 6th Oct at 9.00am
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    IAS Public Lecture - Such Stuff as Psychoses are Made on?

    Wed 7th Oct at 5.30pm
  • 28

    IAS Public Lecture - Extreme States of Matter: From Big Bang to the Lab

    Wed 28th Oct at 5.30pm
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    IAS Public Lecture - World Literature: Some Old and New Ideas

    Wed 4th Nov at 5.15pm
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    IAS Public Lecture - Apollo Lies Weeping: on the Broken Dreams of Gods and Infidels

    Wed 25th Nov at 5.30pm

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