News: Exhibition- Taxila in Focus: 100 years since Marshall

Taxila in Pakistan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and forms the subject of a photography exhibition which is currently on display at the Oriental Museum in Durham.  Taxila was a centre of trade and learning along the ancient Silk Roads, and the exhibitions use of photographs and drawings encapsulates how the archaeological sites have changed over time..

There is also an online exhibition available to view:

Taxila in Focus (part 1 English language)

100 years since Marshall (part 2 English language)

This exhibition has been created in collaboration with the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Pakistan and the UNESCO Chair in Archaeological Ethics and Practice in Cultural Heritage.

Image: ‘Shrine of the Double-Headed Eagle’, Taxila (1st century BCE-1st century CE). Composite image of photograph taken in 1913/1914 and photograph taken in 2019 by Dr Abdul Azeem.



Added Monday 4th October 2021