News: Changing Chisels and Ceaseless Curves

Here's the details of the February Exhibition at the World Heritage Site Visitor Centre!

Changing Chisels and Ceaseless Curves
A photography exhibition by the Durham World Heritage Site Youth Ambassadors
Few World Heritage Sites can boast such a broad spectrum of significance than that of Durham, a site of settlement, architectural innovation, political power, worship and learning for over a thousand years. Encircled by the natural curvature of the river Wear, the historic origins of Durham were born of its defensive geography and today, the World Heritage Site continues to be enhanced by its natural beauty. This exhibition aims to capture the complimentary and the contrasting, old and new, where built cultural heritage meets nature and where the chisels of history have sought to build a legacy of enduring purpose and pleasure.    
Durham World Heritage Site Youth Ambassadors are a volunteering, youth-led project team funded by Durham University. The group is comprised of young people from the local community and Durham University students, working together to raise awareness of the World Heritage Site whilst gaining valuable experience of history, heritage and culture in action.

Added Wednesday 31st January 2018