News: World Heritage Site Visitor Centre service temporarily relocated to Palace Green Library 24th July - 22nd September 2017

The World Heritage Site Visitor Centre will be closing over the following time period and will only be open on a weekend due to the following road works:

Phase 1 :  24th July- 22nd September (9 weeks) Road Closure 08:30-16:30hrs

Renew footpaths & excavate granite cobbles. Lay temporary bitmac surface

To confirm the road closure will be in place Monday to Friday inclusive and this will include the footpaths.

The World Heritage Site Visitors Centre will be open Saturday and Sunday over this time period and the opening hours will be:

24th July to 3rd September – 9.30am to 6pm

4th September to 22nd September – 9.30am to 5pm

If you are visiting Durham during the week over this time please do visit Palace Green Library for visitor information and to book Castle Tours. Alternatively you can call for information 0191 334 2932 and visit their website for further details:

The Cathedral will also be open over this time and events and services can be viewed here:

Added Wednesday 19th April 2017