News: In Other Words - an installation by artist Alan O’Cain

Marking the end of our 30th Anniversary year celebrations, artist Alan O’Cain (working with composer Neil Crimes, technologist Juliet Lunn and Mike Hughes, Head Gardener, Durham Botanic Garden) has transformed the Centre’s courtyard garden into an unexpected space where you will encounter an immediate multisensory allegory of the fragility and emotional profundity of Durham’s internationally important world heritage. 

Recorded haiku poems composed by Durham students from across the world are spoken in both the international language of the authors and recited in English translation by members of the local community and accompanied by an originally composed piano score.

Visitors are invited to make sense of the work by their own thinking and your response to our “Thought Yard” might mirror a response to Durham’s heritage in general: unique for every individual. The aim of the installation is to surprise, ask questions and provoke emotional responses; to present something unusual yet accessible and at best to overwhelm and entertain. The exhibition will be running from the 23rd January until the 8th March 2017.

Added Tuesday 24th January 2017