News: In Other Words - an installation by artist Alan O’Cain - Exhibition has been extended!


At the end of January we held the opening reception for an temporary exhibition that we are holding entitled ‘ In other Words’.  This art and sound installation celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Durham's World Heritage status is currently on display in the rear courtyard of the World Heritage Site Visitor Centre (23 January - 1 April). At the heart of the installation are 30 haikus written by Durham University’s international postgraduate community. The poems were composed in the Cathedral's education room on the afternoon of 22 September 2016 following a tour of the Durham World Heritage site.

The poets were asked to write their pieces in English and also in their native language. This resulted in some beautiful script in Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and Mongolian amongst others.  To preserve these wonderful creations beyond the life of the installation  Alan O’Cain  and Juliet Lunn have created an edition of exclusive handmade books containing the thirty poems. The books are made from beautiful materials: Japanese silk, petal inclusion paper and recycled denim paper. They are on show at the World Heritage Visitor Centre in a glass display case near the entrance to the courtyard. The price of the book is £15 and there are just 30 copies available. You can see some photographs of the books attached.
Please call in to take a look!

Added Tuesday 24th January 2017