Events Diary

The World Heritage Site is a hive of activity, with many concerts, plays, talks and other events. What will you find of interest?

The events shown are taking place on or around Durham World Heritage Site. If you are organising an event, please tell us about it.

Temporal Layers

  • 21 Friday 21st April 2017 from 9.30am to 5.00pm Location: Durham World Heritage Site Visitor Centre, Owengate, Durham City. DH1 3HB Tickets Free entry


Temporal Layers

Exhibition at The World Heritage Site Visitor Centre

Maggie Hickman Smith

Maggie has drawn attention to the Almshouses and the ordinary people who have been a part of life on Palace Green for centuries, imagining their legacy and heritage. Her interest is in the residue of human life, whether it is the history of place, the weathered and worn stone surfaces of buildings, or a visceral response to both the ideals and the actuality of people and events. The works are not representational but demonstrate a personal language of mark making through print, plaster and stitch.